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Should we have summer or winter vacation ?
2019-01-16  作者(来源):[暂无]

Should we have summer or winter vacation ?

To the Editor:

Why do our children have 11 weeks of summer vacation? Many years ago, 85 percent of Americans worked on farms. Children needed summer vacation because they helped with the farm work. Today, only 3 percent of Americans work on farms. But our children still have long summer vacations.

American students lose one or two months of learning during their summer vacations. Away from school for so many weeks, students forget what they learned. Experts say that students lose maths skills and reading skills. At the beginning of school in September, teachers have to review last year’s studies for the first four to six weeks of school.

Summer vacations are not great opportunities for learning. Most parents work outside of the home. They can’t be with their kids during the long summer months. Some families can pay for summer camps, but many can’t. Most children stay home and watch TV. They are bored. Most children do not learn new skills during the summer.


James, Teacher

To the Editor:

I am against a longer school year. I believe people learn everywhere, not just in school. I believe children gain experience in the world. Summer vacation is a great opportunity. Kids can discover the world outside of school. They can learn to do things they can’t learn in a classroom. They can learn to swim and ride bikes. They can travel or go to summer camps. They can take time to do things like cooking and art. Some can get summer jobs. They can get work experience or help people in the community. They can spend time with people of other ages. Basically, they can get more experience in the world.

Long summer vacations give families time together. During the school year, everyone is busy. During summer vacationswe take time to do things together. Vacations are good for families.


Linda, Parent