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A parrot, called Nigel went missing for four years and came home speaking Spanish.

Nigel lived in California with his British owner, Darren Chick. He flew away one day four years ago. After he went missing, Nigel lived in the wild until he was found by a local business owner, Julissa Sperling.

To bring Nigel home, Sperling looked for his owners. But instead of his real owner, Nigel was returned to another pet owner, Teresa Micco. Micco was also looking for her own parrot, Benjamin.

When Nigel was passed to her, Micco realized that he wasn’t the right bird. But she used the information from Nigel’s microchip to find Chick and sent him back home.

However, during his long absence, Nigel had forgotten all about his English and started speaking Spanish. Sperling, who speaks Spanish, said Nigel might have picked up some of her phrases while waiting in her shop.

He was the happiest bird. He was singing and talking without control, Sperling said. He was barking like dogs. I’m from Panama and he was saying, What happened? in Spanish.