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2019-04-11  作者(来源):[暂无]


It is sometimes reported that strange flying objects have been seen high up in the sky. People call these strange objects UFOs. These UFOs caused a lot of interest. Some of the reports about them are difficult to believe. Some have been explained in scientific ways. Others have never been explained.

Here is a description of UFOs from a report.

Dennis Bardens, who wrote an article, tells us that he once saw a UFO himself. He was having dinner one night with a friend near Tripoli, Libya (利比亚), and after dinner the two men walked across a yard to his room to look at some papers. Bardens noticed that the moon looked strange that night.

It wasn’t the moon, was the reply.

They watched the light and saw that it was moving. It seemed to be an object rather like a big plate. In some ways it looked like smoke with light on it, but it wasn’t smoke because it didn’t change its shape. It was moving in a regular way. That is to say, it didn’t go suddenly faster or more slowly, and it didn’t go higher or lower. So the two men were sure that there must be men in it.

When it came nearer to Libya, Bardens said that he felt eyes looking at him. He was being watched in the darkness.

When it was nearer, they noticed that the bottom parts were brighter than the top. The bottom was yellow and the top was red. Then the object suddenly turned away and left Libya, moving very fast.

On a later day Bardens talked to other people about it, and he found some people who had seen it. They all described it in the same way. Could they all be mistaken?