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I am not foolish
2019-06-04  作者(来源):[暂无]

I am not foolish

Oink, oink! Here comes the Year of the Pig. How much do you know about pigs? Do you think they are stupid or lazy? The truth may surprise you. You might think twice (三思) about turning them into bacon (培根) and sausage !

Look at the pig’s nose. It’s really long! Pigs have a very good sense of smell (嗅觉). In France, people teach pigs to find truffles (松露). Truffles are very rare and expensive. Pigs can find them faster than dogs.

Master of games

As stupid as a pig, people sometimes say. But this is not true. Pigs are one of the 10 smartest animals on Earth. Pigs can remember things for a long time. They can also tell apart (分辨) different shapes. Pigs can even learn to play video games (电子游戏). They can use their snouts (口鼻) to move the cursor (光标).

Did you know?Pigs cannot look up at the sky. A pig’s neck is very thick, but it is not strong enough to lift its head. Looking up is very hard for pigs. If a pig wants to look at the stars, it has to lie down.

Jump, jump!

Do you know Peppa Pig (小猪佩奇)? She always jumps in muddy puddles (泥坑). Why? Pigs like to shower in mud. The mud is like sunscreen (防晒霜) for pigs. It also protects them from insect bites (昆虫叮咬). Thats pretty smart!