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2019-09-23  作者(来源):[暂无]

Meeting new robots


On the morning of May 19, my father and I arrived at the Meijiang Convention & Exhibition Center (梅江会展中心) by subway. The Third World Intelligence Congress (世界智能大会) was being held there. Many people took their children there to look at cutting-edge (尖端的) technology and see what “intelligent” life might be like in the future.

We lined up to go through security (安检) and entered Hall N. There, people were talking to a robot that could answer whatever questions they wanted to ask. After scanning (扫描) a WeChat QR code, a health robot called Kanga gave us a check-up. It collected information about our bodies and told us whether we were healthy or not. My dad tried it. The robot said he was healthy and strong.

I also saw a virtual (虚拟的) news anchor (主播) called Xiaoqing. It can read broadcast news in more than 10 languages by using artificial intelligence. I was amazed!