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Thanks, stranger
2019-11-11  作者(来源):[暂无]

Thanks, stranger

Last weekend, I was at a generic McDonald's off of a highway mid-day. My family and I were in the middle of a 6 hour drive back home and everyone was already in a bad mood. I was particularly down because of some personal stuff that I have going on. As my dad was getting the food, the bag ripped and most of our fries fell on the floor. He cleaned them up and we split the fries that were left.

A few minutes later a guy walks up to us, a casual looking guy. He handed my dad a bag with fries in it. He said, "I saw you dropped your fries, figured you could use some more". My dad mustered a thanks as we were all in a bit of shock. The man walked away and we were are all a bit confused. We shared a mutual look that said, "Who knew your faith in humanity would be restored in a McDonald's?" That guy lifted all of our spirits and made the seemingly unbearable trip home manageable. Just through a small act of kindness, a stranger made all of our days better.

I know it wasn’t a huge deal but it really did mean a lot to me and my family. Those were the best fries I have ever eaten from a McDonald's. Thanks, stranger.