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Secrets inside of us
2019-09-23  作者(来源):[暂无]

Secrets inside of us


What is DNA? It is in every cell (细胞) of our bodies. It carries important information about our genetic history (遗传史). DNA tests can help us understand ourselves. Twenty seventh-graders from Atlanta, US, took one of these tests.

Last fall, they studied life sciences. During their studies, they collected samples (样本) on their cheeks (面颊) and sent them to a DNA testing company in the UK. The company has started an anti-racism (反种族主义) program called DNA Learn in some UK and US schools.

Elianed Guzman, 13, was surprised. She only knew that her family was from Mexico. They had moved to the US. But her test showed that she shares DNA with people in China, Japan and Korea. Lizbeth Islas, 12, thought she might share DNA with Native Americans. Her grandparents are from Central America. But she found that she also shares DNA with people from Africa and Europe.

The test changed how they see themselves. They realized they “have family from everywhere”.